1. Use Lukewarm Water

Everyone likes to take hot showers when the temperature is dipping. But if you love your own skin, then do not use hot showers. Instead, use warm water shower and wash your face. Hot showers will dry your skin quickly, and if you do not moisturize it immediately, your skin can create cracks and winter months eczema. As soon as you have taken a lukewarm shower, apply a moisturizer that contains malic acid and ceramides. This will keep the moisture barrier undamaged and protect against dryness.

Use Lukewarm Water for winter care

2. Stay Hydrated

Be it inside your house or out, winter atmosphere is drier . And as a result, water disappears out of your body easily. Hence, you have to keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water . You may also put in a humidifier to handle the moisture level in your home. This will certainly keep your skin happy.

3. Choose Skin Care Products Wisely

Prevent masks and peels, peppermint lotions, as well as any item that contains alcohol as they make your skin dry throughout the winter. What kept your skin happy during summers can ensure it is gloomy throughout winters. And that is the reason why you will need to change your skincare products accordingly. The trick to healthy and glowing winter skin is using gentle skincare winter solutions. Choose cleansers that contain moisturizers to avoid stripping skin of its natural moisture barrier. In case you have allergies or acne, use products including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, hydration serums, and glycerin to help in fixing the moisture barrier of skin.


4. Protect Your Skin

You have to guard your skin from the cold wind or rain or snow if you are stepping outside in winter. Thus, wear caps and gloves and remember your sunscreen lotion. The warm sun beams feel pleasant, however, also the UV rays can damage your skin a good deal. Choose a  sunscreen that has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.Choose sunscreen lotion according to your skin type

5. Do Not Exfoliate Your Skin A Lot

Exfoliating skin can helps in eliminating dead cells. You’ve to be careful during winters since your own skin barrier is compromised as a result of cold and dry weather. Scrub skin once a week’s good .this assists in fostering skin regeneration and far better merchandise absorption. Additionally, you must exfoliate based upon your skin type. In case you have really dry skin, exfoliate skin gently. When you have oily and combination skin, after a week is good.

6. Don’t Forget The Hands

Skin on your palms has fewer oil glands when compared with the skin in another body area. That is why moisture flows out of your hands fast, which makes them susceptible to fractures and itchiness. Apply a moisturizer before going out.

7. Care For Your Feet

Pick glycerin-based lotions and oil jelly to moisturize your toes. Additionally, be certain that you exfoliate the skin in your toes sometimes so it may absorb the moisturizer easily.

8. Do Not Wear Wet Clothes For Too Long

This will irritate your skin further and cause itchiness. Walking and playing in the snow is fine, but make sure you remove the wet socks, pants, and gloves as soon as possible.

9. Avoid Anything That Irritates The Skin

Follow this if you have persistent skin issues like eczema. Winter skin is extremely fragile, and exposure to allergens can trigger your symptoms. Many people are allergic to wool but cannot resist the temptation to wear their winter knits. If this is the same scenario with you, always choose winter wear that is made from high-grade wool. If possible, go for winter wear made from cotton.

10. Take Care Of Your Diet

Eat lots of seasonal veggies and fruits. Berries are exceptional sources of antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs to remain healthy during the cold weather. Strawberries, grapes, blueberries or cherries – pick anything what you love. Moreover, if you feel that you are passing up the hydration part (limited water consumption ), you may pay that up with fruits, veggies, along with other food items like salads, soups, juices, and dairy. In this manner, your body will get the nutrients to help keep the skin healthy.

11. Exercise

During the winter, the oil and sweat glands in your own body and also the blood vessels constrict a bit. This makes it hard for your own skin to keep healthy and glowing obviously, and that is why it requires your help. These suggestions aren’t tough to follow, and now you may easily include them into your daily routine.

Yes! I know it’s hard to leave the warmth and coziness of the blanket and get moving on a cold winter morning. But do it if you love your skin. Exercise can pump up your heart rate, which in turn, pumps more blood to your skin and organs.

Do you have any special winter skincare trick? Discuss it with us by leaving a comment in the remarks section below. And keep after us such strategies and hacks. Till then, stay healthy and keep glowing.